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Cape Refractory Industries has a fully fledged precasting department. With our Servco division being a steel service centre we are able to design and fabricate high quality and dimensionally accurate steel moulds. Our inhouse dedicated refractory dry out furnace is the only such unit in the Western Cape, it is programmable making it possible to preprogram drying out cycles, it is also equipped with electronic data logging equipment which enables us to provide graphs of the drying out cycles which forms part of our quality control procedures. Examples of our pre casting can be viewed at - Precast & Fired Refractory Shapes



  • Comprehensive administration pre, during and post contract work;
  • Comprehensive Quality Assurance System;
  • Site Quality Control;
  • Installation of Anchoring Systems and Studs;
  • Installation of Unshaped Refractory Products or Monolithics – Standard Castables, Plastics, Semi-plastic Rammables, Non-plastic Rammables – casting, gunning, ramming etc;
  • Installation of Brick Linings and Precast Shapes &;
  • Installation of Ceramic Fibre blanket and module linings
  • Studwelding of metallic anchors, studs and shear studs
  • Pump Casting
    • During the 2020 shutdown at the Refinery in Cape Town an inspection was carried out on a Fired Heater furnace, and the decision was made to demolish the entire existing lining of the radiant wall section of the furnace and to reline it with an insulation castable. This recommendation was made due to the condition of the lining and the need for the furnace to remain in service for the foreseeable future. In order for this proposal to be achieved within the limited timeframe available for the shutdown, the repairs would have to be carried out without the removal of the tubes within the furnace. This challenge was given to Cape Refractory Industries.
      The proposal from CRI was to shutter and pump cast the refractory castable. The proposal was based on the fact that there were space/access constraints due to the tubes remaining in place. The spacing between tube and bracket is extremely limited and therefore conventional casting would have been extremely problematic and time consuming. CRI was aware that this proposed method had not been done successfully in a Refinery in South Africa. A tight schedule allowed 3 weeks for demolition, preparation, anchor installation and casting. The demolition was done in record time by CRI, thereafter the preparation and stud weld anchors were installed according to the schedule.
      After the necessary shell preparations, shuttering was installed to the radiant section walls behind the tubes. Installation rate was approximately 2 to 2.5 tons of light weight castable per section shuttered. The furnace was completely relined within the scheduled timeframe. A total of 28 tons of castable was pumped. The unit was handed back to the client for dry-out. CRI was commended by the Client for the quality of workmanship and efficiency of the installation.

Industries Serviced:

  • Petrochemical;
  • Iron & steel
  • Pulp & Paper;
  • Sugar;
  • Glass;
  • Cement & Lime;
  • Aluminium;
  • Acid;
  • Cremators
  • Non ferrous
  • Heat Treatment

Recommendations and Design:

National Refractory Industries (Pty) Ltd is not a fully-fledged design company, but will assist with the design of and recommendations pertaining to general Refractory linings. We work closely with Refractory Consultants to assist with design requirements and recommendations for Refractory linings of a complicated nature.

  • The API 936 Refractory Personnel certification is designed to identify candidates possessing the knowledge of API STD 936 Refractory Installation Quality Control Guidelines. These are guidelines for the installation quality control of monolithic refractory linings and may be used to supplement owner specifications.
  • API 936 certification raises the bar of competence for qualified personnel, who must have knowledge of installation, inspection, testing and repair of refractory linings. It provides the industry with a prequalified set of individuals prepared for the job and readily identifies those who are qualified to do the job.
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